Six Flags!

Being an adult is a lot like being a kid, just with more freedom. Today, Lake and I are adulting without a manual at Six Flags over Georgia. Stay tuned for more!

So, I wondered if the season passes we bought were really going to be worth it. I can already say that they are! We’re getting exclusive access to brand new rides today. Love it!

Okay, so coming on opening day had a few unforeseen pitfalls. 

  • Tons of people because it’s opening day makes for LONG lines. 
  • New employees haven’t really found the rhythm of working in a theme park yet. 
  • A lot of the kinks haven’t been worked out of the rides yet. Less working cars means longer wait times. 

On the plus side, though:

  • Roller coasters are always fun! 
  • Good food. 
  • Didn’t have to wait long for the Batman ride. 
  • There is now a hotline where you can report line jumpers. Security finally cracked down on that rampant problem, and it is no longer tolerated. 

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