Behind, As Usual 

I’ve got a list a mile long of things I want to post about for you guys. Unfortunately, that list is on my desk at home. I have been so crazy busy lately, and the only times I’ve had time to work on a post, I’ve been away from my house/desk/list of topics. Right now, I’ve got my pregnant butt plopped in a camping chair at Atmore Dragway, and I’m overwhelmed with the urge to write a blog post about something. Anything. 

So, I’m tapping out this random, probably unnecessary post on my iPhone while Lake warms the Camaro up for today’s test and tune. I guess that’s the writer in me, though. The need to write, even about ridiculously trivial things, never goes away. I don’t really know who I am without it. 


Minimizing & Eliminating Clutter

As a part of getting our house baby-ready, I’m in the process of eliminating clutter and minimizing. I know it doesn’t sound like a huge deal, but that’s only true if you don’t know me. I’m a borderline hoarder because I attach way too much emotional importance to inanimate objects. As a result, I’ve held onto a lot of things that aren’t really doing anything in my life besides unnecessarily taking up space.

One way I’m ensuring that I eliminate clutter is through a group I joined on Facebook for the month of February (The Minimalist Game) curated by my friend Courtney. You get rid of a number of items equal to the number of the day of the month, for the entirety of the month. So, you get rid of one thing on the first, two things on the second, etc. Today, I chose to eliminate a piece of clothing that I’m never going to fit into. The two items I choose to get rid of tomorrow will probably follow along those same lines, but we’ll see. At this rate, I’m hoping to have our spare room cleaned out enough that I can keep River’s changing table, dresser, etc. (except his bed because he’ll be sleeping in our room) in there.

More to come with the adventures in minimizing and eliminating clutter a little later on!