Resources for Adulting Without a Manual

As y’all know, my laundry skills are negligible, at best. So, today, I was trying to figure out how to dry Lake’s jeans without shrinking them, and all I can say is thank GOD for Google and The Modern Girl’s Guide to Life. (That book is a legitimate lifesaver, and I highly recommend checking it out!)

Both resources gave similar advice in this regard.

AWM Pro Tip of the Day: Do jeans 10 minutes of the low heat cycle in your dryer, then air dry to prevent shrinkage.

That’s just my little helpful tip of the day for you, but I’ll hopefully have a longer, more meaningful post up soon!


Made My Lists Portable!

As you probably know from my last post, I’ve been getting the urge to blog while away from my topic lists A LOT lately. Well, I’ve fixed that problem, guys! How? I made my lists portable, and I keep them in my purse now. So, if you’re wondering what’s up next in my post plans, I can tell you!

Upcoming Post Topics:

  • Alan Jackson Concert
  • Tommy James and the Shondells Concert
  • Shanghai Rummy
  • Our Babymoon in Manassas, VA/Washington, D.C.
  • Transition Phase?
  • Adventures In Getting Our House “Baby-Ready”
  • Baby Shower Plans
  • Racecar-related Shenanigans
  • Fishing
  • Basically Everything We Do Together That I Feel Y’all Might Find Interesting

Yes, half of these bullet points will probably turn out to be actual post titles because I’m creatively drained, at this point.

You may have noticed that I haven’t made many posts on my author blog recently, and there’s a reason for that. I’m not a good marketer/promoter, I’ve been watching my sales dwindle since Frost’s release, and all I want to do every time I look at that blog lately is whine. Whining isn’t productive, so I’m just not going to go there until I’ve got something positive to share.

Anyway, that’s my little victory for today!