Catching Up – Topics

So, as you can see, I haven’t really gotten around to doing individual posts for each of the topics in my “Upcoming Topics” list from a while back. So, I’m just going to do a fast summary post with the list to catch things up.

  • Alan Jackson Concert – It’s not often that you find an artist who sounds JUST AS GOOD live as he/she does on the radio. That’s a pretty rare thing, but let me just tell you that Alan Jackson absolutely does! That man is an ICON of country music, and he still puts on one hell of an amazing concert!
  • Tommy James and the Shondells Concert – This was more of a fun ride-along for us than a purposeful concert trip, but I had a great time. It was wonderful to get to see my Mom fangirling over one of her favorite bands from when she was growing up, and the music was familiar and fun. Tommy James and the Shondells still put on a great, high-energy show, and they’re absolutely worth seeing if you’re into the bubblegum music era.
  • Shanghai Rummy – This is possibly the most addictive (and cutthroat) card game I’ve ever learned to play. We have a fantastic time every time we play, no matter who we’re playing with.
  • Our Babymoon in Manassas, VA/Washington, D.C. & Checking Trenton, NJ Off My Bucket List – As these last few weeks of pregnancy are hitting me (37 Weeks Today!!!), I’m more and more glad that we took this trip when we did.  It was such a fantastic adventure, and we made some great memories in the process. I probably will do a more in-depth separate post about our babymoon because it was just so much fun, and it deserves a post to itself. For now, suffice it to say that deciding to go on that babymoon was one of the best choices we’ve made this pregnancy.
  • Transition Phase? – This will also probably get a post to itself some time in the near future.
  • Adventures In Getting Our House “Baby-Ready” – I actually already did a couple of posts about this one. Go me! ^_^ You can read them HERE and HERE.
  • Baby Shower Plans – All I can say on this front is thank GOD for my cousins Shelby and Jennifer. They made sure that I got the shower I wanted, and things went off without a hitch thanks to them. The shower was beautiful, and I’m in the process of adding pictures from it to River’s Virtual Scrapbook.
  • Racecar-related Shenanigans: I’ll probably catch this up in a separate post soon!
  • Fishing: There will be separate posts about our recent fishing trips, but suffice it to say that we’re not fishing as much as usual with the impending due date getting closer every day!
  • Basically Everything We Do Together That I Feel Y’all Might Find Interesting: This is self-explanatory, and I hope to share more with y’all in the near future!

Finishing River’s Room!

I just want to take a minute to say how proud I am of how far Lake and I have come in getting River’s room ready over the past couple of weeks. River’s room has been cleaned out (a freaking MAMMOTH task in and of itself), painted, the carpet has been shampooed, we’ve built closets, and it seems like there’s still a TON left to do. Still, knowing where the state of that room was a little less than a month ago makes me VERY proud of how far we’ve come.

We’re so close to being done, now! All that’s left to do is move furniture back in there, do some decorating, and find places for all the wonderful gifts we got at his baby shower! (I’m still working on thank-you notes, btw.) I think I may actually have worn myself out on the whole nesting thing because that urge is pretty much gone now. The only real urge I have is to FINISH this project so I can shift my focus to getting ready for labor, delivery, and bringing my little boy home. (^_^)

I’m getting more excited to meet him every day!

Doing a Virtual Scrapbook for River!


So, as you’ve probably seen in my Facebook feed, I decided to use WordPress to do a virtual scrapbook for River. You can check it out HERE.

Why a virtual scrapbook? Well, I’m a writer at heart, and I feel like doing a “Virtual Scrapbook” really allows me to combine the pictures that make scrapbooks so great with the idea of a “baby journal.” The really great thing? I can continue to use it long after his first year is up because I’m not limited by page number or shelf space.

It’ll be a great virtual keepsake that he can look back on in this technological age.  The possibilities are basically endless, and I really like that. So, if you want to check in on our little guy’s big milestones, feel free to head on over to his virtual scrapbook/journal from Mom’s perspective!