Doing a Virtual Scrapbook for River!


So, as you’ve probably seen in my Facebook feed, I decided to use WordPress to do a virtual scrapbook for River. You can check it out HERE.

Why a virtual scrapbook? Well, I’m a writer at heart, and I feel like doing a “Virtual Scrapbook” really allows me to combine the pictures that make scrapbooks so great with the idea of a “baby journal.” The really great thing? I can continue to use it long after his first year is up because I’m not limited by page number or shelf space.

It’ll be a great virtual keepsake that he can look back on in this technological age.  The possibilities are basically endless, and I really like that. So, if you want to check in on our little guy’s big milestones, feel free to head on over to his virtual scrapbook/journal from Mom’s perspective!


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