Baby Coming Soon!

As I shared in my “Can’t Wait for This Afternoon” post on my individual blog this morning, Lake and I are going to have my membranes stripped this afternoon at my OB/GYN appointment. If it works, we should have a baby by week’s end. It only works 40% of the time, but here’s hoping!

Again, we as the parents would like to remind our friends and family that we’d like to be the first ones to share the news and pictures of River. Once we’ve opened those floodgates, however, please feel free to share whatever you like (as long as I don’t look completely awful in any pictures–pre-approve those before you post me looking like a ragged mess. LOL.)

We’re really hoping our little guy is coming soon, and we can’t wait to share all our wonderful, joyous news with you!


Baby Bump Pics

 photo Bump1_zpsmf7thuho.jpg

First of all, I want to thank my wonderful cousin Shelby Lynn Clemmons for taking these baby bump pictures for us. Lake and I really appreciate it! I know I’ve shared this entire album on Facebook already, but it’s important to me to include it on my blogs, too. I’m sorry if you’re tired of seeing them. My whole world revolves around this little boy already, and I haven’t even had him yet.

 photo Bump2_zpslsaeeu7c.jpg

I can’t tell you the depth of my joy right now, as Lake and I wait and anticipate meeting our little boy. I hope these pictures capture it well because I know my feeble words cannot.

 photo Bump3_zpscsqxplwl.jpg

All I want, more than anything in the world, is to hold my little boy and kiss his beautiful face.

 photo Bump5_zpsti0dd86x.jpg

Mommy and Daddy can’t wait to meet you, David River Moye.

 photo Bump4_zpsywm5bjw9.jpg

What will my baby boy look like?

 photo Bump7_zpsxgigfo32.jpg

What kind of personality will he have?

 photo Bump6_zpshz60dsjn.jpg

All I know is that he’s perfect, and I haven’t even met him yet.

 photo Bump8_zpsm4x30ge6.jpg

I’ve carried him for nine months now.

 photo Bump12_zpsoym9fsjj.jpg

I don’t know how much longer I can wait to hold him in my arms.

 photo Bump10_zpseokgx0er.jpg

I guess caressing my belly and talking to him will just have to do until he decides to make his way into this world.

 photo Bump13_zpsmso1vnn6.jpg

I love feeling him move.

 photo Bump11_zps5pt5s0hg.jpg

He’s already so strong.

 photo Bump15_zpsbmuwajnc.jpg

Still, I just can’t wait to see his little face for the first time.

 photo Bump14_zpsguayt16c.jpg

I’m anxiously anticipating meeting this baby boy of mine for the first time.

Bump Pics Sneak Peek


I’m doing some touching up on the rest of the baby bump pictures that Shelby took for me the other day, but I wanted to share a sneak peek with you guys in the meantime! I’m so excited to meet my little boy, and I’m honored to be able to celebrate this baby bump. The past 9 months have been the BEST 9 months, of my life, and I can’t wait to become a mommy when I hold my son for the first time.

Catching Up – Topics

So, as you can see, I haven’t really gotten around to doing individual posts for each of the topics in my “Upcoming Topics” list from a while back. So, I’m just going to do a fast summary post with the list to catch things up.

  • Alan Jackson Concert – It’s not often that you find an artist who sounds JUST AS GOOD live as he/she does on the radio. That’s a pretty rare thing, but let me just tell you that Alan Jackson absolutely does! That man is an ICON of country music, and he still puts on one hell of an amazing concert!
  • Tommy James and the Shondells Concert – This was more of a fun ride-along for us than a purposeful concert trip, but I had a great time. It was wonderful to get to see my Mom fangirling over one of her favorite bands from when she was growing up, and the music was familiar and fun. Tommy James and the Shondells still put on a great, high-energy show, and they’re absolutely worth seeing if you’re into the bubblegum music era.
  • Shanghai Rummy – This is possibly the most addictive (and cutthroat) card game I’ve ever learned to play. We have a fantastic time every time we play, no matter who we’re playing with.
  • Our Babymoon in Manassas, VA/Washington, D.C. & Checking Trenton, NJ Off My Bucket List – As these last few weeks of pregnancy are hitting me (37 Weeks Today!!!), I’m more and more glad that we took this trip when we did.  It was such a fantastic adventure, and we made some great memories in the process. I probably will do a more in-depth separate post about our babymoon because it was just so much fun, and it deserves a post to itself. For now, suffice it to say that deciding to go on that babymoon was one of the best choices we’ve made this pregnancy.
  • Transition Phase? – This will also probably get a post to itself some time in the near future.
  • Adventures In Getting Our House “Baby-Ready” – I actually already did a couple of posts about this one. Go me! ^_^ You can read them HERE and HERE.
  • Baby Shower Plans – All I can say on this front is thank GOD for my cousins Shelby and Jennifer. They made sure that I got the shower I wanted, and things went off without a hitch thanks to them. The shower was beautiful, and I’m in the process of adding pictures from it to River’s Virtual Scrapbook.
  • Racecar-related Shenanigans: I’ll probably catch this up in a separate post soon!
  • Fishing: There will be separate posts about our recent fishing trips, but suffice it to say that we’re not fishing as much as usual with the impending due date getting closer every day!
  • Basically Everything We Do Together That I Feel Y’all Might Find Interesting: This is self-explanatory, and I hope to share more with y’all in the near future!

Finishing River’s Room!

I just want to take a minute to say how proud I am of how far Lake and I have come in getting River’s room ready over the past couple of weeks. River’s room has been cleaned out (a freaking MAMMOTH task in and of itself), painted, the carpet has been shampooed, we’ve built closets, and it seems like there’s still a TON left to do. Still, knowing where the state of that room was a little less than a month ago makes me VERY proud of how far we’ve come.

We’re so close to being done, now! All that’s left to do is move furniture back in there, do some decorating, and find places for all the wonderful gifts we got at his baby shower! (I’m still working on thank-you notes, btw.) I think I may actually have worn myself out on the whole nesting thing because that urge is pretty much gone now. The only real urge I have is to FINISH this project so I can shift my focus to getting ready for labor, delivery, and bringing my little boy home. (^_^)

I’m getting more excited to meet him every day!

Doing a Virtual Scrapbook for River!


So, as you’ve probably seen in my Facebook feed, I decided to use WordPress to do a virtual scrapbook for River. You can check it out HERE.

Why a virtual scrapbook? Well, I’m a writer at heart, and I feel like doing a “Virtual Scrapbook” really allows me to combine the pictures that make scrapbooks so great with the idea of a “baby journal.” The really great thing? I can continue to use it long after his first year is up because I’m not limited by page number or shelf space.

It’ll be a great virtual keepsake that he can look back on in this technological age.  The possibilities are basically endless, and I really like that. So, if you want to check in on our little guy’s big milestones, feel free to head on over to his virtual scrapbook/journal from Mom’s perspective!

Made My Lists Portable!

As you probably know from my last post, I’ve been getting the urge to blog while away from my topic lists A LOT lately. Well, I’ve fixed that problem, guys! How? I made my lists portable, and I keep them in my purse now. So, if you’re wondering what’s up next in my post plans, I can tell you!

Upcoming Post Topics:

  • Alan Jackson Concert
  • Tommy James and the Shondells Concert
  • Shanghai Rummy
  • Our Babymoon in Manassas, VA/Washington, D.C.
  • Transition Phase?
  • Adventures In Getting Our House “Baby-Ready”
  • Baby Shower Plans
  • Racecar-related Shenanigans
  • Fishing
  • Basically Everything We Do Together That I Feel Y’all Might Find Interesting

Yes, half of these bullet points will probably turn out to be actual post titles because I’m creatively drained, at this point.

You may have noticed that I haven’t made many posts on my author blog recently, and there’s a reason for that. I’m not a good marketer/promoter, I’ve been watching my sales dwindle since Frost’s release, and all I want to do every time I look at that blog lately is whine. Whining isn’t productive, so I’m just not going to go there until I’ve got something positive to share.

Anyway, that’s my little victory for today!

Minimizing & Eliminating Clutter

As a part of getting our house baby-ready, I’m in the process of eliminating clutter and minimizing. I know it doesn’t sound like a huge deal, but that’s only true if you don’t know me. I’m a borderline hoarder because I attach way too much emotional importance to inanimate objects. As a result, I’ve held onto a lot of things that aren’t really doing anything in my life besides unnecessarily taking up space.

One way I’m ensuring that I eliminate clutter is through a group I joined on Facebook for the month of February (The Minimalist Game) curated by my friend Courtney. You get rid of a number of items equal to the number of the day of the month, for the entirety of the month. So, you get rid of one thing on the first, two things on the second, etc. Today, I chose to eliminate a piece of clothing that I’m never going to fit into. The two items I choose to get rid of tomorrow will probably follow along those same lines, but we’ll see. At this rate, I’m hoping to have our spare room cleaned out enough that I can keep River’s changing table, dresser, etc. (except his bed because he’ll be sleeping in our room) in there.

More to come with the adventures in minimizing and eliminating clutter a little later on!

What’s Going On?

I think it’s pretty obvious by now that I struggle with consistency in all areas of my life, especially blogging. So, I’ll be taking this post to catch you up on what’s been happening lately, and what’s currently going on in our lives.

What’s been happening?

  • We found out we’re having a baby boy! His name is David River Moye, and we can’t wait to meet him!
  • I took the past few months to focus on finishing, editing, and self-publishing my first novel, Frost, which I’ve been working on for the past 11 years. If you want to hear more about my professional writing life, check out my blog Chelsea Clemmons Moye | Author.
  • I’m working on shifting my focus and rearranging my personal goals and priorities in the wake of achieving my biggest goal for 2017 (releasing Frost). For more information on what my current personal goals are, check out my post “Current Personal Goals” on my personal Chelsea Moye blog.
  • We’ve been doing a lot of “adulting without a manual” (or AWM for short) while I took time off from this blog to focus on publishing Frost. I’ll catch you up on the biggest AWM highlights ASAP.
  • We’ve had a few “adventures” in the meantime, too, and I’ll be catching you up on those, as well.

What’s currently going on?

  • I’ve been out of work since January of 2016, so I’m trying to do a better job of being productive while staying at home.
  • We’re doing our best to get the house baby-ready before River arrives!
  • I’m trying to finish MTE school without having to pay for another program extension.
  • I’m trying to blog more consistently across this blog, as well as the other two mentioned above. So, if you don’t see a post here, check the other two blogs out as well. I may not write a post every day for each blog, but I’m going to try to do at least one post a day between the three of them.
  • We’re trying to keep as active and adventurous as we can right now because we don’t really know how our lifestyle is going to change once River arrives. These adventures include travel, trying new things, etc. (Our so-called “adventures” should provide plenty of post fodder for We’re the Moyes in the meantime.)

I think that’s all I have for you guys for now! I’ll see you around!

Random Pregnancy Question…

Okay, guys. Now that the news is out, I have about a billion questions regarding pregnancy, etc. So, I’m thinking of throwing out one question a day into the universe and seeing what kind of answers I can get back.

Today’s Pregnancy Question:

Are there any women out there who couldn’t stand any kind of aftertaste in their mouths in the first trimester and had to brush their teeth or use Listerine immediately after ingesting anything to keep from getting nauseated? That’s kind of where I’m at right now, and I was just wondering if anyone else went through something similar in their first trimester.