50th Annual Snowball Derby – Day 2

I’m loving everything about the Snowball Derby this year! It’s warm. There’s been some great, interesting racing going on. The social media buzz is fantastic, too!

I just saw an accusation about traction control on Twitter a minute ago. Every time I come here, it gets better.

If anybody manages to slide something past Ricky Brooks in tech, that’d be something because he catches just about everything.

I’ll be back with more updates tomorrow!


Beginning My New Ending

“Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.” -Maria Robinson

As you can tell by the dates of my posts over the course of this blog’s existence, I’ve had a lot of false starts, stumbles, unplanned hiatuses, and a whole lot of cause to start over. That’s actually kind of the story of my life. I crank out a few chapters, lose focus, and fail to finish things. I’m disorganized, inconsistent, spacey, and I would even go so far as to call myself lazy. At least, I used to.

I’m going to be honest with you. I’ve hit a breaking point in my life, guys. I can’t handle the chaos anymore. Sometimes I lose track of things; everything gets out of hand, and I get overwhelmed. I feel like I’m drowning in all the chaos, and I’ve made it myself. In the past, I’ve used my ADD, Type II Bipolar, and depression issues as a crutch. I’ve let my life get way too far out of hand.

Today, I decided I’m not going to do that anymore. Other people have exactly the same amount of hours in their days as I do mine, and I can be a more organized, productive, successful person. I choose to, both in my writing life and in my personal life.

I’m taking the 30 days to a cleaner house challenge starting on August 1, and I’m looking for accountability partners, so if you’re interested let me know. I got the plan for the 30-day challenge HERE. I’m actually considering talking to them about the possibility of turning that plan into a daily planner for the whole year where you can check off the items listed for that day and know you’ve got a cleaner, more organized home.

That brings me to some exciting news regarding my writing life. I just designed The Book Reviewer’s Journal, and it will be available in print soon! I’ll edit in the link when that happens. Anyway, here’s to a cleaner, more organized, more productive, and more successful life!

Puppy Troubles

Okay, so first note is that I’m not writing this first thing in the morning. I promise I have a good reason for that, though. I’m cleaning my Mom’s house today for extra cash, and I also brought my puppy over here to socialize him with my parents’ dog because he got lost and separated from his litter very early. He doesn’t know how to interact with other dogs, and I’m hoping bringing him to interact with Mom and Dad’s dog will help.

So, the dog that Lake and I have is pretty much still a puppy, and he’s undersocialized. He has no idea of how to interact with other dogs and he likes to play a little too rough. He tends to get too mouthy and nippy because he never had the opportunity to learn better with his mom and littermates.

It’s been going really well, all things considered.